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Sujith Kumar Alahari, VP, Shared Services Delivery, Adwait AlgorithmSujith Kumar Alahari, VP, Shared Services Delivery  
Looking at the lives of business leaders, frame by frame, it is quite evident that relentless commitment alone translates to successful endeavors. Several business triumphs across the globe have conveyed it straightforward: “there’s no shortcut to being successful.” Every successful entrepreneur has started from scratch and created an incredible story worth telling—and so did Sujith Kumar Alahari, the founder of Adwait Algorithm who currently leads the company as its Vice President of Shared Services Delivery. Today, Adwait Algorithm is a leading recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) entity. As a proponent of a leadership style that immensely values team members and employees, Alahari elucidates, “I always feel that a good employee will definitely lead to a happy customer. We strongly believe customer is always right but at the same time we treasure each and every employee of ours, so during conflict resolution we listen to both parties, as a reputed RPO and HR service provider “Human” comes first, says Mr. Alahari.” He started his career 15 years ago as a recruiter in India which eventually presented him with a chance to visit the U.S. and engage with a well known IT firm based in Florida as an account manager. Having done his bachelor’s in engineering, Alahari worked for various employers in the first ten years of his career. This drew his interest in human resources, specifically focused on recruitment and US Staffing. “Initially, I teamed with investors who wanted to set up staffing companies. I’ve served both as a consultant and a partner for various companies. During my tenure at Mavrick, I was instrumental leading the company from front, we were recognized by the Houston Business Journal as one of the fastest growing companies in Houston,” recalls Alahari.

An Unprecedented Journey

Prior to founding Adwait, during Alahari’s relentless market research, he noticed that most of the staffing companies have offices in India and the Philippines and other places outside the U.S. because they were trying to balance the cost of recruiting(each hire). It came to his attention that medium and small-sized companies were not being able to compete with the top 100 because it cost them a lot of money to have their own back-office systems for recruitment. This was when he decided to start a business that could completely democratize the recruitment process and focused on offering a wide range of services from sourcing, screening, background checks to the full lifecycle of recruiting. Hence, the journey of Adwait Algorithm began in the year 2015. One of the most interesting aspects about naming the company is that Alahari coined it after his son’s name that originates from a Sanskrit word which means “(Unique).”

Successful On-Demand Customizable RPO Starts with Adwait

On average, firms spend over $6000 to $35,000 on recruitment every month. On top of that, there are plenty of solutions and platforms such as job portals and Application Tracking Systems (ATS) which are crucial for recruiters, and whose usage adds to the operational budget. To help enterprises overcome these hurdles, Adwait Algorithm offers a unique platform that integrates their clients’ hiring and HR departments with a talented expert delivery team.

Our vision for the next year is to employ 250+ recruiters, and continue to provide complete solutions through Adwait 360° platform and services

The company primarily focuses on offering on-demand customizable RPO, which combines both services and technology for maximizing efficiency in recruitment processes.

Additionally, by capturing the insights from traditional job boards and other web sources, Adwait has built a dynamic database that comprises complete, up-to-date information about potential candidates. In comparison to traditional job boards, the company leverages social media and AI for posting the requirements, scrutinizing applicants as per specified designations, building databases, and forecasting skill sets that will be on demand in the job market. “Rather than working as an outside or traditional staffing company, we work as a partner, an extended team with the clients to understand their prerequisites about the job role or a particular business unit of the client, understanding immediate positions to fill as well as building database for positions opening up as far as six months down the line,” mentions Alahari.

Plug and Play?

For the initial three years after its inception, the offerings from Adwait were mainly focused on delivering efficient RPO to clients. Starting this year, the company introduced Adwait 360° Back Office Solution that facilitates enterprises with a complete set of back-end offerings, which consist of recruitment, accounting, payroll, time & expenses management, and immigration services. This helps clients to focus more on their sales and other core operations like developing solutions or serving end customers while being able to manage recruitment and other essential enterprise processes cost-effectively through Adwait 360°.

Furthermore, Adwait has partnered with OpsArc, a comprehensive custom web-based back office staffing solution program that can help minimize human errors and boosts efficiency. OpsArc’s holistic and purpose-built dashboard helps streamline operations for staffing businesses, reduces operation costs, and delivers actionable insights from analytics for the functions. OpsArc cloud-based software provides account managers and recruiters with an engaging platform for a fast and efficient way to source and hire great talent. Once any client signs in to the platform and provides basic requirement details, Adwait 360° services will automatically kick in, process the client’s requisite, source the candidates, compare them with the set of pre-stored results, and then work with the placements. “So, as a busy globe tottering business proprietor all they have to do is to create unique login credentials and post basic requirement information, and we will manage their complete recruitment lifecycle,” says Alahari.

Post selection, again, Adwait comes onboard to carry out the contracts and NDA related obligations, or if it is full-time employment, work with the candidate to bring them onboard.

Instances of Excellence

The success story from one of its clients best signifies the unique value proposition of Adwait. A California based staffing agency, before partnering with the company, worked with only a couple of recruiters who relied heavily on job boards and other staffing agencies for sourcing candidates. The company’s partnership with Adwait saw their recruitment team grow to 35 recruiters who were capable of making 15-50 placements monthly. Today, over 150 recruiters are working in Adwait’s employee group.
Keerthi Kiran, VP Operations
Convinced by the company’s several success stories and their vision to create business solutions for human capital management, New Jersey-based Galxy Ventures backed Adwait Algorithm in 2018. This eventually enhanced their growth by enabling them to undergo a whopping transition from 70 odd resources to a staggering level of 150 resources in less than a year.

"Our solutions to every client can be altered and customized according to their needs and demands"

The testimony from yet another client, Vings Technologies, speaks for itself regarding Adwait’s capability to deliver solutions that match customer expectations. “It’s been our 3rd continuous year working with Adwait Algorithm, and by all means, they are the best in what they do. We have an amazing experience working with their thorough professional team, whether it be their recruitment, accounts, sales, management or leadership! We started with a small team from Adwait, and now they are the backbone of our off-shore center! Thank you Adwait Algorithm to provide an excellent team to help us grow.”

From Humble Beginnings to a Promising Future

Alahari recalls the days where he hired the initial group of employees for Adwait and believes firmly that his teammates play a crucial role in his and the company’s success. “All my initial five employees are the people who believed in me and in my vision. At that point in time, there was no office; in fact, nothing. So, as an entrepreneur, I was able to sell my idea to those employees who are still with me and have grown along with the company,” asserts Alahari.

Samy, senior Service Delivery Head, RPO Nellore at Adwait Algorithm, comments, “The best part of our company is the great motivation from Sujith. He is the trademark for the company. We have always regarded him as a leader, who treats everyone equally. We never felt the initial hurdles of start up because of the vision Mr. Alahari shared with us and accordingly we grew gradually as an enterprise.”

Krishna Kishore, the Service Delivery Head, RPO-Vijayawada, also highlights that Adwait believes in following the unconventional non-traditional methods of sourcing. That is where they are setting themselves apart from other companies in the market. He adds, “We make sure that every employee takes the ownership of our clients so that they treat them as their own customers. Our solutions to every client can be altered and customized according to their needs and demands.”

Keerthi Kiran,Vice President - Ops, Corporate Strategy & Finance

Adwait Algorithm is destined to become one of the best Back Office service provider, and our true strength lies in the strong process, core competencies, and a global reach.

Envisioning the road ahead, Alahari concludes by stating: “Our vision for the next year is to employ 250+ recruiters, and continue to provide complete solutions through Adwait 360° platform and services,” This will be our goal for the next five years and simultaneously increase our bench strength from the existing 150 to 1,000 employees in India.