Serendi: A Dedicated Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Partner

Claus-Peter Sommer, CEO, SerendiClaus-Peter Sommer, CEO
In an extremely competitive global labor market, the need for a full-spectrum talent acquisition strategy has become more pertinent than ever. Businesses, both large and small, depend on their internal human resources (HR) teams to deliver on such full-spectrum recruitment needs. And with such a daunting task placed in front of them, support from external experts becomes increasingly necessary. Resultantly, companies are turning to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers for help in their quest to streamline their talent acquisition and recruitment process.

Amidst all these ever-changing recruitment trends, Switzerland-headquartered Serendi emerges as a truly innovative RPO partner. The company is a third generation RPO provider that focuses on finding and hiring the right talent through its 360-degree talent acquisition strategies. It accomplishes this by utilizing a platform approach in which clients benefit from special functional expertise. “We help organizations to deliver on their HR transformation journey: focus HR headcount on strategic topics and decision while having operational delivery in the hands of an external specialist team that has a wide range of tools and support functions at their fingers tips.” explains Claus-Peter Sommer, CEO of Serendi.

Serendi provides end-to-end recruitment solutions along the whole talent acquisition journey: from candidate sourcing and selection all through to the offer and onboarding process. “While collaborating with a client, we deliver a comprehensive solution that facilitates sustainable hiring,” states Fiona-Sophie Thiele, head of solution design and talent advisory at Serendi. The company’s modus operandi lays in understanding a client’s culture and organizational setup before tailoring a recruitment solution to meet their specific business goals. To make that happen, Serendi leverages its centralized sourcing center that is up-to-date with the latest advanced internet sourcing technologies, tools, and methodologies. Recently, the company also started integrating artificial intelligence technology to optimize the automated search for relevant candidates. Coupled with the sourcing center, Serendi places its experienced and highly-skilled, in-house recruiters at the client’s site to manage the actual selection process together with HR and hiring managers.
Fiona-Sophie Thiele, Head of Solution Design and Talent Advisory, SerendiFiona-Sophie Thiele, Head of Solution Design and Talent Advisory
This combination of onsite recruitment support and offsite candidate sourcing has enabled Serendi to manage client expectations and improve recruitment outcomes significantly.

That being said, an important aspect of an effective recruitment process, as pointed out by Sommer, is cost transparency. To ensure the same, Serendi follows a transactional pricing model, which is linked with performance, giving the clients an advantage to transform fixed overhead cost into variable cost— based on the closing of every single position. “We try to minimize the use of expensive external sourcing like headhunter or agencies, and instead rely on less-costly yet effective channels such as referral programs and talent communities,” adds Sommer. Serendi also provides recruitment analytics for measuring and monitoring key performance indicators (KPI) for the hires that include assessment of speed, quality, sustainability, diversity, and cost of recruitment. These KPIs are calculated using a robust set of reporting tools and benchmarks to derive insights that will help clients improve their talent acquisition decisions and develop innovative hiring strategies.

While Serendi operates globally, its current client base is concentrated in Europe. The company’s diverse team with consultants of over 21 nationalities draws from their knowledge of various languages and cultural sensitivity to deliver successful outcomes across national borders. To highlight their capabilities, Sommer mentions an instance where a Swiss pharmaceutical company needed a standardized talent acquisition process across its multiple branches in Europe. The client partnered with Serendi because of the company’s strong European footprint and transparent partnership approach. With Serendi’s help, the client was able to set up a full lifecycle recruitment solution that was delivered by onsite teams for high recruitment volume locations and offsite through satellite teams for low volume locations.

Such success stories are a testament to Serendi’s customer-centric outlook. Serendi has always tried to go the extra mile to add value to its client’s talent acquisition programs. Advancing into the future, Serendi mission lies in becoming every organization’s “top of the mind” choice for talent sourcing and acquisition.