How Existing Employees Can Help with Social Media Recruitment

By Kelly Barcelos, Digital Marketing Manager, jobsoid

Kelly Barcelos, Digital Marketing Manager, jobsoid

Companies traditionally prefer mobile recruiting software like an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for hiring candidates. But they are also increasingly turning towards a widespread phenomenon known as ‘social hiring’ or ‘social media recruitment’. The need for this rose from several studies which showed that 79 percent of job seekers use social platforms to find vacancies and about 13 percent of social media users have said that the information they posted on social sites have helped them secure a job.

So, while employers are definitely hiring candidates by using this powerful medium, existing employees can also step up and help in attracting interested and premier candidates through social media recruiting. Here’s how -

• Promote Your Work Culture on Social Media

Think your work culture is awesome? Go ahead and post about it on social media. There are so many engaging and interesting ways to do this, such as photos, videos, blog posts, tweets, etc. Did you know that using unique, simple and easy-to-remember hashtags can not only widen your target audience but also make it easy for them to find your job postings? You can collaborate with your employer or HR and brainstorm interesting and effective recruitment hashtags, which can be used for social media recruiting.

This is also important because people looking for insights about the work culture and environment of the company they are interested in working for, take the word of existing employees seriously.

“After researching the right platforms where your target audience engages, use your social presence to post your company’s job openings”

• Learn where Your Audience is Active

Social Media is vast. You cannot make the best use of its power without knowing exactly where your audiences, i.e., the prospective candidates interested in your field are engaging and active. Research is the first thing you need to do. Know about the major sites like LinkedIn and even niche blogging sites or social networks, which are specific to your industry. Studying such relevant sites will help you learn a lot about how best to approach the potential candidate pool on these social platforms.

• Use Your Social Presence to Post Openings

After researching the right platforms where your target audience engages, use your social presence to post your company’s job openings. Putting up vacancies on a majority of social media channels is really simple and free. Even if someone from your immediate connection might not be the right candidate, they could know someone else who is interested and is a right fit.

• Make the Most of LinkedIn Intelligently

LinkedIn is a primary and one of the most important social media platforms for social hiring. It has resume-oriented information structure, powerful tools, and some really good features. You can begin by building a network of like-minded individuals who belong to your industry or are interested in it. Make valuable connections and then you can start posting job openings. LinkedIn also keeps you updated with the search results of your postings.

• Initiate Engagement on Varied Social Channels

Agreed that LinkedIn is a major social media resource to look for potential talent, but there are also various other useful social channels where you can promote current openings of your organization such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Millennials form an enormous chunk of today’s job seeker segment. They are wired to multi-task and are usually active on many different types of social channels. So look far and wide for prospective social mediums which are relevant to your target audience. 

• Creating a Cycle of Sharing  

Another huge benefit of hiring through social media is when existing employees share about the available job positions, it creates a cycle of sharing. It reaches the interested job seekers in their circle and even if some people aren’t interested, they can pass it further to someone they know who may fit the bill.

So go ahead and unleash the power of social media with the above listed tips to give a virtual shout out to your prospective colleagues! And who knows, maybe your tweet with an interesting hash tag, a FB post or a LinkedIn message could help your organization earn an A+ talent.

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