Personify: Building Talent Acquisition Strategies, Driving Organizational Success

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Ryan Carfley, Managing Partner, PersonifyRyan Carfley, Managing Partner
Today, the HR market is driven by full employment, which has lowered the unemployment rate. In fact, the figure stands at 3.6 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) household survey. In this situation, the traditional reactive recruitment model, where an organization does not start hiring until the incumbent has left the office, no longer suffices. Instead, they need to adopt a proactive model to prepare for the workforce they will need in the future. Set against this backdrop is Personify, one of the fastest-growing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) organizations in the U.S., that provides next-generation talent solutions to the clients covering everything from talent pipelining, on-demand recruitment, and predicting employee turnover through employee engagement, and more. “As full employment has led to candidate-driven HR market, we are partnering with organizations to not only locate, attract, and hire the top talent, but also help retain them,” remarks Ryan Carfley, Managing Partner at Personify.

Personify’s Integrated Talent Platform transforms an organization’s talent acquisition strategy and empowers employers to take a more proactive, business-aligned approach to attract and retain talent. The platform helps them build talent pipeline by engaging passive candidates on an ongoing basis, using a strategy similar to content marketing platform. “We are delivering candidates to our clients who may not even be looking at that moment, for their next position,” quips Carfley. When passive candidates start actively seeking jobs, the platform puts them into an intensive screening, checking everything from tactical, functional fit to the less tangible ones such as commitment and leadership potential. The company also offers engagement software to its clients to measure the levels of engagement of their current employee base. This serves as a leading indicator of turnover, helping them to reduce the level of leavers, and increases highly qualified personnel at the top of the recruitment funnel. These solutions are offered through an on-demand model to increase the ease of use and decrease the financial burden on clients.

Personify aims to help clients reduce the level of leavers, and increase highly qualified personnel at the top of the recruitment funnel

“Our offerings are technology, delivery, and people-centered,” adds Carfley.

Exemplifying Personify’s RPO expertise, a client, one of the biggest companies in the medical device for clinical diagnostics sector, approached Personify for heavy recruitment support. The client’s former RPO provider, though a prominent company, could not satiate their needs for passive sourcing and the elimination of fixed fees. Personify’s services replaced the old RPO, saving the client nearly $12 Mn over the course of three years. The company partnered with Personify to fill over 2,000 positions, while also simultaneously reducing their cycle time by 40 percent and decreasing their third-party agency utilization from over 20 to 5 percent.

Personify’s flexible recruiting process with end-to-end life-cycle management taps into AI, industry expertise with data-driven recruitment analytics, and more. The company’s RPO is scalable, aligning urgency and sourcing strategy, to reduce the risks associated with recruitment costs. The services are customizable according to the clients’ business strategy, structure, and culture. Personify can take on a part or all of the recruitment functions of an organization.

Setting Personify apart from its competitors in the RPO field is the company’s culture that is deeply rooted in the idea to not accept traditional antiquated and outdated models. Cementing its culture, the company has seven employee-led committees that help Personify offer the best possible employee experience to their workforce, while also ensuring the firm stays in a continuous state of improvement and provides the most innovative solutions to its clients.

In the midst of expanding across Europe, Personify is also continuing to develop their delivery model as a conduit for forward-thinking organizations to advance. “I think there’s a lot of tech out there and there aren’t a lot of folks that understand how to integrate it into one platform and leverage it. We believe we can do that,” concludes Carfley.